The Valerious Chronicles are complete!

FOS alternate cover

Today is the release day of The Fleet of Sinsai. After years of writing, editing and publishing, the Valerious Chronicles have finally come to a close. It is with a great sense of relief and excitement, as well as an almighty exhale that I can present the epic conclusion to the tale of brothers Christill and Thibalt.

I hope you join with me in celebrating the end of an era. No series of books is ever completed without the efforts of many. I want to thank all those who were involved in the creation of the Chronicles. My wife Melina, who suffered through all the revisions and allowed me to lock myself in my study for countless hours over the last years. To Tom and Steph who showed so much enthusiasm and went through my writing with a fine comb. To all the beta readers who gave up their time to help. To everyone who encouraged me along the way.

And finally to those who have picked up my books and read them. Without you there would have been no Valerious Chronicles. Thank you all.

You can find the Fleet of Sinsai at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, the Book Depository and Smashwords.


3 thoughts on “The Valerious Chronicles are complete!

  1. I absolutly love your work! and the fleet of sinsai promises to be as gripping as its two predecessors. if its no trouble could i get a coupon to buy the book please i live in SA and having trouble purchasing with my debit card. I will appreciate your help and i can’t wait to see the plot unfold. Good work indeed. 🙂

    • Hi Lerato,

      I wouldn’t want to stop you from being able to read the last book. Thank you for your interest and kind feedback. In this instance I will help you out with a code. I would ask if you could write me some reviews for the books on smashwords if possible. The code is JN94U. Thankyou so much for reading.

      • It’l be my honour to review your books just point me in the right direction and thank you very much for the code i cant wait to see the adventure unrevel.

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