Dawn of the Valiant

Dawn of the Valiant is the first of three novels in the Valerious Chronicles.

The tyrant King Zephra has waited nineteen long years to meet his destiny. In the deepest corner of his hidden lair he has finally found a way to break the laws of magic. His malevolent scheme will forever ensnare the world. And the Feldonian nation will be powerless to stop him.

Yet destiny comes in twos. For on the very eve of Zephra’s rise to power nineteen years ago, two brothers were kidnapped from their homeland by the savage Miirvkin. Brothers who, growing up amongst their hated foes, are fated to return to Feldom at the turning point of this ancient struggle.

Now, whilst strange creatures stalk the shadows, and the darkness encroaches, destinies will clash. Thibalt and Christill will find that they have a larger part to play in the fate of their homeland. Yet the salvation of an entire race will weigh a heavy burden on them.

DOTV Ebook Cover

To allow as many readers as possible to enjoy the beginning of the Valerious Chronicles, I have made Dawn of the Valiant free from selected distributors. If you would like to purchase a hard copy, or support my work and purchase it at Amazon, it would be greatly appreciated.

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