Dramatis Personae

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Christill Greyspell and Thibalt Steelfist – Brothers of the Valerious Chronicles



Duchess Williessa Castaneda – Wife to Donain Castaneda of Ardistown
Duchess Felnia Emnattal – Sister of King Dieter and Duke Donain. Married to Duke Marl of Wisthelm.
Duke Marl Emnattal – Duke of Wisthelm
Duke Asferous Salenburg – Duke of Summerstone. The only remaining Salenburg to hold a seat of power in Feldom.
Duke Andre Poleus – The Duke of Andron and a disciple of Skiye.
Duke Donain Castaneda – The King’s brother and the Duke of Ardistown.
Duke Yalen Panteleon – The Duke of Larthstone
Duke Janas Relmus – The Duke of Polthney
King Afhill Baldoroff – The King of Auldney and ruler of the North.
King Dieter Castaneda – The King of Feldom and first in the line of Castaneda’s
Queen Triel Castaneda (Salenburg) – The wife of Dieter and daughter of the last King Reold Salenburg.

Maloreichar (Honour Guard)

Azbaar Ingel – The oldest member of the Honour Guard and a good friend to King Castaneda.
Errollan Dune – Unofficial leader of the Honour Guard and former General of the Feldonian army.
Ludvic Hammerfell – Member of the Honour guard. Born and raised in Auldney.
Mandigal Hermagoras – Former Dargonian and member of the Honour Guard.
Garous Heldun – Former Honour Guard. Mandigal’s predecessor.

First order of Skiye

Elephtheria Oliseh – Long standing member of the first order. Friend to Dievu Ilphuki
Garret Mallin – Advisor to the King
Lisha Wishes – Advisor to the King
Perephine Aldehelm – First Advisor to the King
Tal deFrien – Advisor to the King

Steelfists Scorpions

Estallion Bastion – Son of one of the richest merchants in Precedin.
Irrol and Torrlan Altin – Cousin’s from far north of Hulmtown.
Robeld Horty (Oldus) – A former tracker in the Feldonian Army
Skiddle – A street thief from the City of Skiye
Ergal Erstripe – A younger member
Paeter Fowlan – A younger member

The Rest

Evelyn Hullpull – Miera’s mother.
Fesvic Hammerfell – Ludvic’s younger brother. A Marshall in Auldney.
General Baethus Horrfull – Commander of Auldeny’s armies.
General Guthrum de Lamina – Duke of Precedin and General of the Feldonian army.
Guard Captain Kirth Harrinus – Standing Guard Captain of Precedin. Second in command to Guthrum.
Guard Captain Edagar Falneren – Commander of Andron’s armed forces.
Guard Marshall Orlee Coppercloud – Administrator at the Guardhouse of Oril.
Iara Steelfist – The mother of Thibalt and wife of Oswald Steelfist.
Lissi Greyspell – Christill’s mother.
Mannin Hanlit – Sergeant from Precedin.
Miera Hullpull – Daughter of a Fishing family from Precedin.
Nallia de Lamina – General Guthrum de Lamina’s wife.
Oswald Steelfist – Father to Thibalt and Christill and owner of Steelfist Ranch.



Aldan Hermagoras – The son of Friedrich II and Duke of Vladistov.
Alucia Hermagoras – Aldan’s deceased wife.
Gaspan – Duke of Yulistov
King Friedrich Hermagoras II – The last ruler of Dargon. Murdered by Zephra.
Friedrich Hermagoras III – Aldan’s son and after his father rightful heir to the throne of Galdovan.
Tria Hermagoras – Vrill’s mother and Aldan’s younger sister.
Vrill Hermagoras – The son of the Duke of Yulistov.
Zephra Hermagoras – King of Dargon and disciple of Gushkall.

The Rest

Allen Shade – Head of Clandestine Vitiate.
General Dithus Willich – The commander of Carnaic’s armies.
Gourc – Zephra’s main servant.
Luschia – General of Zephra’s Army.
Novokai – Head of the Academy of Gushkall.
Rhucia Xithil – Head of Novokai’s Primals.
Termal Rassern – Aldan’s army general.


Beanon – Head smith in Hamal.
Cathan – Lord Bearn’s son.
Geron – Captain of the Iron Stride
Hiefal – Cathan’s companion during the hunt.
Jerac – The raider who kidnaps Thibalt and Christill.
Kera Jarnane – Reinar’s wife.
Lord Bearn – The leader of the Miirvkin in Hamal.
Reinar Jarnane – Foster father of Thibalt and Christill.
Siri Jarnane – Daughter of Reinar.
The Disciple – Magic user of Hamal


Council of Elders

Bithi Oppos – Council Member.
Dietrue Lithue – Council Member. Loremaster.
Kiril Poth – Oldest Council Member.
Sielvu Suifi – Council Member.
Velski Ionin – Council Member. Leader of Nyrune’s Academy
Vishcia Imminus – Council Member.
Yhu Fileith – Youngest Council Member and Alchemist.

Thaldun Blades

Fliethu Ki – Lover of poetry and second in command.
Junn Fielre and Oeroph Niim – Thaldun Blades
Kilthies Numinities – The leader of the Thaldun blades.
Luss Ophio – Healer
Utith Firish – Thaldun Blade fluent in the language of the Kala.

The Rest

Dievu Ilphuki – Emissary of Karmena.
Hilth Poa – Student in the Academy of Nyrune.