The World of Kovi

A world birthed by Kovicus and protected by the four guardian gods, Kovi is now rife with conflict.

Shaped by the gods following the Separation of mankind, the four nations of Kovi are locked in an eternal struggle for dominance. One that will forever change in the Valerious Chronicles.

Copyright 2013 Julian Saheed

Copyright 2013 Julian Saheed

The History of Kovi Prior to the events of the Valerious Chronicles

One Year = Three Hundred & Ninety Two Days (Fourteen Months)

4th 12A1

The children of the guardian gods create the first city in Kovi. Situated where now lies the City of Skiye.

1st 15A1

Gushkall’s creations murder the children of their siblings. Afterwards they flee to the east and the race of mortals is scattered.

5th 15A1

The gods are angered. The BeonRanges rise from the ground and the MistyForest grows to its full size. Gushkall attempts to leave a gap in the Ranges but Skiye places LakeMoonsong as a barrier between her land and his.

7th 820A1

The first King of Dargon is crowned. Leither Hermagoras takes the seat of power in Galdovan.

9th 1002A1

Following an Dargonian attack on eastern Feldom, the Feldonian King Hasuld Kalfort erects Precedin as a guardian city for the good people of Kovi.

1st 1045A1

The first disciple receives his powers for Skiye. Soon after the other gods grant their own disciples magic.

8th 1107A1

Academies are built in honour of the four guardian gods and in order to train those worthy to become disciples. Thus begins the Second Age.

13th 74A2

The Miirvkin make contact with Feldonians on the western coast for the first time in centuries. The Miirvkin are murdered and their ships stolen.

6th 88A2

The first Council of Elders is formed in Duathnin. Four disciples are tasked with the rulership of Karmena.

9th 654A2

The first war between Dargon and Feldom begins. Vast armies march over the BeonRanges and lay siege to the eastern Feldonian cities.

3rd 657A2

The first war ends and the Dargonians return to their homeland. The toll taken is great and the rebuilding of the east takes four years.

10th 731A2

The Third Age begins after the City of Skiye is consumed by a great fire. The city is levelled and rebuilt over the coming decade.

4th 57A3

Karmena marches against Dargon and suffers a terrible defeat. From this day forward no Karmanian army will ever again march into the eastern lands.

9th 931A3

The second war between Dargon and Feldom begins with the siege of Precedin.

2nd 935A3

With the end of the second war comes the end of the Third Age.

7th 72A4

Famine grips the west and hundreds of thousands die of starvation in Feldom.

8th 466A4

The alliance between Karmena and Feldom is formed. Trade begins between the two nations.

5th 679A4

The assassination of King Olaf Salenburg, ‘King of the people’ begins the Fifth Age.

3rd 136A5

Sailors locate the far lands to the south and north of Feldom. The lands remain heavily uncharted though. Strange deaths are reported amongst the explorers.

1st 865A5

Civil war rages in Feldom and Duke Durraas finally claims right to Kingship of Auldney.

11th 974A5

Silphuras Hilke is born. His mother is a Feldonian and father is Karmanian.

6th 1002A5

Silphuras Hilke creates the first book in his chronicles.

12th 1081A5

The death of Silphuras Hilke brings about the beginning of the Sixth Age. He passes from Fellarrnur at age 107, the oldest living man on record.

8th 231A6

As a new war brews at the Beon Ranges. A vast fleet sails down from the North Sea and assaults the western cities.

4th 314A6

Zephra Hermagoras is born in Galdovan.

1st 340A6

Hiethris is assaulted by Dargonian disciples, led by the dreaded Novokai. The city is reduced to ruins.

8th 344A6

The scarlet rash spreads through Dargon killing hundreds of thousands.

13th 332A6

Thibalt Steelfist and Christill Greyspell are born in Carlor.

1st 333A6

Miirvkin raiders kidnap the step brothers from the nursery in Carlor. In Galdovan Zephra Hermagoras murders his cousin taking the throne of Dargon.