4 Reasons Typos Matter In Your Published Novel

I completely agree with this. First hand experience has shown me the importance of a few more sets of eyes.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

No, not really. Not with a typo. Still, though.... Keep an eye out for them! No, not really. Not with a typo. Still, though…. Keep an eye out for them!

The dreaded typo…. I think we authors sometimes have nightmares about them. They chase us, horrible monsters spouting terrible grammar.

Truth be told, I think we all understand that perfection is near unattainable, and that the best proofreader is going to miss a couple of things. Even with multiple people going through your novel, some typos will probably slip through, and that’s all right.

It’s not my goal here to wake your inner anxiety demons.

Readers are human too. They understand. As long as the typos are few and far between and not endemic and indicative of poor editing or sloppy writing, most people are going to overlook a spare, random typo or two.

Still, the fewer the better where typos are concerned. There is no contesting that. And while perfectionism to the point of…

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