Book Depository – A blessing for your Australian readers.

Deutsch: Logo von

Deutsch: Logo von (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently invested in Amazon’s Createspace expanded distribution service. For the one off price of $25 my paperback was made available through a group of new retailers. Under normal circumstances this would not have made an awful lot of difference for me in terms of sales. The majority of my hard copy sales come through the Amazon website.


However being an Australian writer and having the bulk of my readers down under I have found the one off payment well worth it for one reason, the Book Depository. For Australians the Amazon website can prove costly when adding postage costs. Unless ordering in bulk, a single book can often prove too expensive and deter your customers from buying your book.


By having my novel on the Book Depository my Australian readers can now purchase in Australian dollars, avoiding currency fluctuations and costs and are able to get free postage. So when publishing think about your Australian fans and spend the $25 to make your book available on the Book Depository.  



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