Dawn of the Valiant is published!

Dawn of the valiant front cover

Every so often a book comes around that will keep you reading until the early hours of the morning. A book that makes you forget your grandma’s birthday. A book that grips you so tightly that you fail to feed the dog or pick the kids up from school.

Is this one of those books? Maybe…maybe not. But do you really want to take the chance that it isn’t!

The first novel in the Valerious Chronicles is now published and available for sale. I urge all lovers of Fantasy and Adventure to sample it and let themselves be taken away to a world full of magic, conflict and characters that will sing from the pages. It is a tale of swords and comradery , where the lines of good and bad are thin, and gods and men struggle in an eternal race for power.

You can find Dawn of the Valiant at the following retailers. Sample a copy for free and most importantly enjoy.

Amazon – Kindle eBook

Smashwords – Multi format eBook


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