Formatting: Quite possibly worse than editing.

English: Example of screenplay formatting. Wri...

English: Example of screenplay formatting. Writing is own work. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Were it not for the fact that I now feel like there is a light at the end of the long long tunnel that is revision, editing and rewriting, I think I would be banging my head against the wall right now.

Having spent more hours than I care to mention transferring my completed manuscript into a template for publication through createspace, I now tip my hat to individuals who do such activities on a daily basis.

It is a truth that writers do what writers do best and that is WRITE. With self publication now a popular option, more of us are being forced to delve into activities that require tedious organisation and meticulous detail. At the very least once I have my published book in my hands I will be able to look back and say. It was all worth it!

Now onto finishing my cover! (Shakes head)


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