A week of resources and inspiration for the Writer – Day 3

It’s the weekend, in particular it’s Saturday which means that we can put the more serious topics such as grammar, technique and tools aside. Today I will focus on inspiration. Few creative individuals will be fired up at all times. Human beings go through ups and down and will always find points at which they cannot stop their creative juices from flowing, and other times where it is impossible to get something legible onto paper. Personally to find motivation I find I have to change it up between a few different things. I can go watch my favorite movies and flick through my favorite books. Most of the time this will, at the very least, get me thinking about writing again. However to find more meaningful inspiration I have begun to do something else.

This is something I have more recently taken on and was thanks to a suggestion from a writing forum that I am part of. After introducing myself I was given a suggestion by a long standing member of the forum, given I am a Fantasy writer. It was to check out the website http://www.writeaboutdragons.com/. For any Fantasy writers, and even writers of other genres I would highly recommend checking it out. There you will find author Brandon Sanderson’s lectures on creative writing.

Working full time in a bank I unfortunately do not have the time to attend writers workshops. Having the access to these lessons from my computer has been priceless. His thoughts provided me with some insights which instantly effected my work. Once I had watched his videos, listed under ‘learn’ on the website, I then got thinking about my other favorite authors and what they have to say on the topic of writing. So I began to surf the web and in particular youtube for interviews with those authors. Since then I have found countless clips, articles and interviews that have motivated me to continue my writing. I highly recommend anyone struggling to find the motivation to sit down and write, to spend a little time finding videos from the authors who have inspired you to become writers. It may seem like such a simple thing but it is something that I never used to do regularly, and something that I find provides the strongest source of motivation.

If you need more interaction than that I cannot recommend anything more highly than a writers forum. I am now part of the Australian Writers Forum and know that the wealth of knowledge shared on the forum is only ever going to improve my skills. If you have the time, join a writing forum and begin seeing what people of a like mind are doing. You will no doubt learn something new and be able to share you own tips with authors just like you.


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